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Green Hairstreak Butterfly 1293f


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IMG_7902w flagstaff viewpoint Cooley Peninsula
(Contains 16 photos)
Pine marten 2895f Wild Mammals
(Contains 60 photos)
Wild mammal images taken in the Cooley Peninsula.
lesser-redpoll-2085 BIRDS
(Contains 72 photos)
Images of wild birds taken in the Cooley Peninsula.
pale-tussock 1058 Butterflies & moths
(Contains 20 photos)
Some of the lepidoptera that can be found in the Cooley Peninsula.
common-darter IMG 6824 dragonflies & damselflies
(Contains 10 photos)
Images of some of Cooley's odonates.
Common lizard 2312c Reptile and Amphibians
(Contains 10 photos)
There is only one wild native reptile in the cooley peninsula(and Ireland) the common(viviparous) lizard and two amphibians-the common frog and the smooth newt